What are Prime movers, Means when we exercise which muscle moves first and which muscle helps them to do his job done. Interesting! When we exercise in the gym there is a variety of roles that our body muscle plays during a movement. Variety of roles that our body muscle plays during a movement. So we discuss those movements and muscle involved in it today:

Standing Ez-Bar Biceps Curl

1. Prime movers/agonist or Main movers:

This is our large muscle when we train in the gym for example doing biceps curl our biceps brachii means in general biceps Main Muscle is the prime mover.
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2. Antagonist:

You know these opposite muscles oppose the action of prime movers means they are the opposite side of main muscle they are relaxed and stretch, for example while doing biceps curl triceps are antagonists means opposite muscle.

3. Synergist means assisted muscle:

These muscles help the prime movers in movement, they are small In size as well for example while doing biceps curl assisted smaller muscles are brachialis and brachioradialis these both are part of the biceps muscle.

4. Fixators: Means stabilizers

These muscles help to hold the body whiles another part of the body is moving for example doing biceps curl deltoids and abdominal are fixators.
I hope this will gain your knowledge.

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