Hello friends! Today I am going to discuss about the most demanding and serious topic of running time. As we all know that at current time, the whole world suffers with COVID-19 named pandemic disease and this is a communicable disease which spreads from human to human via direct or indirect contact. So we already know what it is and how it Spread. Let Come on Point.

How to Protect from Coronavirus-2020?

I know it is not a very friendly virus but right now panic, fear, being selfish, helping not each other, not following government instructions killing more people than this Covid-19 Virus. Every day I have discussion with students about their fitness related questions. There is new question arising – Why youngsters also dying with this Covid-19.

Corona-virus (Covid-19)

and my ansers is very simple as I live in Punjab India. Today youngster have poor food eating habits, their diet is low in calories and more dangerously not with proper protein, good fats & complex carbs ratio, after watching few you tube videos and following few fitness expert on Intagragm, reading few article about fitness & losing few pounds they start thinking they are fitness expert now.

The bigger picture here is they not only ruin their health, they also ruin others by force there wrong guidance and we follow them blindly, Why? Because they are providing free guidance. Today what I believe 90 percent sickness is due to our wrong eating habits, inactivity & still stick the wrong mentally.

But as a fitness trainer and nutritionist, I also observed today man become so selfish, we use lots of pesticides without any reason and Please forgive me if I am saying We invest lots of money to send our children to good school but what, we are feeding them, is poison. I am talking about food here. There is organic farming is booming but most of them still sell the same pesticides foods by saying it is organic. I never understand where we take the money with US.

Few Point – Can help you to save you from Coronvirus!

1. Must Follow : the WHO Guidelines & Our local government instructions. Social Distancing Works! Just do it. Must wear mask when go to public, Clean your hands frequently & don’t touch on your face. Feeling sick like cough, fever, sore throat & uneasiness. You must contact your GP Right away Or there are health care number for every country and state.
2. It is never too late: start changing your eating habits switch back to healthy eating, avoid sugar as much possible. I suggest better completely avoid sugar. Eat right amount protein The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound, eat 3-4 times vegetable and fruits in small portion. Start working out today. May be you can to workout for 1 hour in a day but better start with 10 min a day.
3. Make you mind psychology strong :  Don’t sit near by week minded people. Be strong, brave and honest but also be friendly and ready to help the people around you.
4. Don’t Panic : if in case you caught this virus. Follow the Government guideline, Eat healthy as much possible and mainly be positive.

5. Immunity :  Yes Give your 100% to build good immune system. So it is time to eat right, sleep right & Exercise regularity.

There are full chances to cure from this disease within 14 days with proper quarantine, medical treatment & strong will power & strong immune system. But undoubtedly there are plethora of folks who are avoiding to sustain a healthy immune system because they didn’t bother to do regular workouts and take proper diet. Masses pay a lot on other stuffs like on costly clothes and mobile phones.

But when times comes to pay for their health means dietitians/health expert/fitness expert fees, We always look for free services. We must understand this Fitness coaching is also a profession like Doctors, pilots, business man, clerk etc. I always ask from people who looking for free fitness services, would you work free after completion of your study & mainly what ever you read or watch on google or you-tube about diet or workout related.

It is always based on general population not for specific person. As you know we all have different BMI, fitness level, fitness goal, Medical history etc. Free does not work all the time. It is also the time to pay what is right & I also don’t mind if you can save your money find good guidance, may be it is free but it should be accurate. Most importantly we all need some one, some one with good fitness coaching experience to talk time to time for clear our doubts & keep ourselves on track.

But prevention is better then cure so if we all consumed daily balanced diet along with proper workout then there are less chances to prone any disease and our immune system will become enough strong to fight against all type virus.

I specially prepare some new workouts and daily food plans for all ages and both genders to boost immune system & help to achieve their fitness goals. So it is the time to prepare yourself for bad times if it comes we must be ready.

We must follow WHO guidelines and also Governments instructions. But along with this we have to work on build strong fighting shield as you know. So contact me as soon as possible I am available for 24×7 times in your service so that we all together combat this lethal disease within time before its too late.

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