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May 26, 2019

Hello, i love to write about Param Sir Training.. He is Amazing Well Experienced Personal Trainer, Once You Hire him You no need to hire any other Dietitian or physiotherapist or nutritionist or another personal trainer..Thanks Param Sir For my body transformation

Jaspreet Singh

May 19, 2019

Hello This is my testimonial about parambodyfitmind, They provide best online services regarding Diet and Workout Plans. I used to take workout and diet online from some one else. But then whenever i face any issue i have to email so not answer on time. But in Param Sir case  I was able to call him day time any day and sir always found the solution of my problem regarding diet and workout.. I was 94 when i started follow the program written by param sir, now i am 77 kg , I lost 17 kg in 5 Months now we are working on getting lean muscle mass. Regards, Jaspreet Singh

Sandeep Gulati

May 19, 2019

Hello, I started Training With param when i was 99.5 Kg and Right Now i am 75 Kg all natural. I love to testimonial about param, He is really amazing Trainer, Great experience . Regards, Sandeep Gulati


May 19, 2019

Hi, as my picture speaks my dedication, what ever i have done normally people says it is not possible specially when u are female. but with the help of self motivation and right guidance i have dropped weight and fat. I say to every one please follow right diet and workout. thanks


May 18, 2019

i, This as u can c my weigh loss progress in my picture. when i started workout with param sir i was 75 kg. Because of my Extra weight i was alot worry and in stress all the time. I can do very hard training but i need some kind motivation so I start training from param sir. Then with in 3 months hard training and alots of mat exercises i achieved my goal and now i am 50 kg and i am very proud now. Even sir is very proud on me because i also did very hard training. Now a days i recommend param sir to obese people who want to loss weight and get fed up for doing wrong dieting on their own. Regard, Yasika mohali India

Ajay Nandan

May 14, 2019

Any thing Is Possible with right guidance and motivation and self dedication. Thanks Parambodyfitmind Team.

Abhinesh Kumar

May 13, 2019

Hello This is My weight Loss Journey When I started training with param sir i was 81 kg and right now i am 68 kg. It does not happen overnight It took some time. But main thing is i did it. With the help Param sir i Not only lost weight and fat, I also improved my health as well. Thanks Again Regards, Abhinesh Kumar

Gurpreet Singh

May 13, 2019

Hi, this is my testimonial to parambodyfitmind param sir. he is the best trainer i have found so far. as u can see mine crazy 4 weeks body transformation of fat loss and muscle gain. please follow his if u are really serious . Gurpreet Singh

Gurjant Singh

May 9, 2019

Hi,this is mine 2 year body transformation from 18 year old to 20 years old, when i was 18 year old my weight was 39 kg and right now, it is 63  kg pretty good muscle mass only, i love gain. All thanks to my brother param bro. Regards Gurjant Singh

Nimesh Gulati

May 6, 2019

Hello, Only you can change you life, No one can do it for you. But with right guidance and experience my coach param help me a lot to change my look. as when i start training with sir i was 83 kg and there was so many on and off due to my study currently i am 71 and now i have abs all thanks to param sir.
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