Howdy Friends! Transform your body is just 12 weeks in just low as 21000.00 INR, with full money back guaranteed. where you get personalized nutrition and video training plans.

My expertise focuses on helping you achieve your real time goals – healthy disease-free life, a long blissful life, and avoiding expense on medical care!We are “Parambodyfitmind” have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and have witnessed More than  Thousands of Transformations so far.

Our training curriculum involves a personalized 1-1 interaction to assess your fitness level and your goals. I call it personalized as I believe that one diet does not fit all. The diet and workout plan has to be customized to your individual needs. I have weekly touch base via phone or Whats-app to track progress and share new diet and workout plan based on the progress made.

We share the diet and workout plan via a link through my website, which is just a click away Or Whats-app! Why I Prefer Whats-app, because it is easy for me to track your progress. I track progress every 1-2 Weeks and change diet Macros and Workout routine Accordingly. 

Please note we do not deviate from our standard procedures based on what type of program you enrolled for (offer, discount, standard). We believe in honesty and aim to deliver personalized plans in trust and faith.

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