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This is top level getting shredded Non-Vegetarian Diet Example Diet plan. But this is good diet plan. As you should know that when we start our Weight loss and body transformation journey , our progress should be monitored every week and diet and workout should be change accordingly that. Most of us Follow same diet and after few weeks our progress stopped or became too slow.

A Good one Diet Plan should be according our Fitness goal, Fitness level, Gender, Age, Our Circumstances and BMI etc.  So my mean to say is here that one diet plan does not Suitable for every one. Mainly before following any diet plan there should be discussion  between you and your personal trainer, because we should evaluate if there is any medical condition or food allergy or any specific need, Must discuss all.

Important-Diet Macro Should be change every 1-3 Weeks – Because with the help of  getting the right balance of proteins, carbs and fat, you can lose weight Properly and be healthier.

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Type of MealTimingsFoods To Eat
Before Breakfast6:00 am2 Glass(500ml) of Simple Water


30ml Amla (Indian Gooseberry) + 30ml Aloe Vera Juice With Same Quantity Water


1 Glass(250ml) Lukewarm Lemon Water

Breakfast6:30 am 

1 Scoop(30-50gm) Oats With 250ml Boiled Skimmed Milk + Some Pieces Of Walnuts


Mid morning

9:30 amOne Whole Grain Bread Toast + One Cup Green Tea


2 White Eggs + 1 Bowl Boiled Mixed Green Veggies


Before Lunch

11:00 am1 Cup Sprouts Smoothie


One Bowl Mixed Green Salad + 50 Gram

Cottage Cheese


1 Cup Quinoa With Vegetables

Lunch1:00 pmHome Made Lunch But No Sugar & No Fried
Midday Snack4:00 p.m.2 slices whole wheat bread, ½ avocado Sandwich


150 Gram Roasted Chicken chest + Mixed Green salad One Bowl + 1 Bowl Mixed Fruits

Dinner8:30 p.m.Home Made 1 Whole Grain Chapati (Bread)

+ 1 50 Gram Cooked Chicken Chest Or Fish +

1 Plate Salad


Get Your Healthy and Effective Diet & Exercise Plan According To Your Fitness Goal, Fitness Level, and Gender, Metabolic Rate, Medical Condition, and Body Type & Circumstances.

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