Majority of people these days suffering with lower back pain, cervical neck pain & Hip Pain. According my experience these three problems main root cause is sitting longer hours with wrong posture , unhealthy eating and Zero Physical Activity.

Now Lets straight come One Point:

How to correct it?

1. First We need to Learn How to sit and sleep Properly when sitting on chair or Working longer hours on Job and Sleep at night.
Click the links below this is best Sitting and Sleeping correct Posture Video i have found on youtube. I will also make one soon.

How to sit on chair?

How to sleep at night?

2. It does not matter you have lower back pain or cervical pain or hip pain. Why in this article i am targeting these 3 together because most of us need to strengthening these areas properly as they all are linked.. if you have lower back pain now a days. but it could be possible you also start suffering with neck or hop pain in future.

Now again please read below properly:

Please I advice Strongly again You must consult with me or your personal trainer or your physician. As we all need to evaluate the severity of your these problem areas. So We can recommend, you which warm up is best for you or what kind Precautions you need to do in future or with these exercises
There is So many best ways to get sort out your these problems Permanently.

1. If you go to gym use these below workout alternate days in the end of your workout for 5-10 Minutes:

2. If you are not doing any physical activity better learn how to do proper body weight warm up before workout?
Safe and best way to do warm up is do on spot jogging March for 5-10 Minutes without any break.

3.When done your warm up and do your gym workout, need to do these exercises 5-15 minute Alternate days.
Must Perform these all set of exercises in circuit means without break, When done one circuit then you can have 1 min break. You can Repeat these Circuits for 5-10 times.

Perform these all exercises in Circuit
12 reps each
No rest
After complete one circuit 1 min rest
Repeat it for 3-5 Times Alternate Days After Warm-Up of After Your Workout

1. Swimming Exercise

2. Fire Hydrant

3. Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

4. Wall Push Ups

5. Glute Bridge

6. Super man with twist

7. Upright Row

Important Note – Start Doing these exercises with light weights Means Very Light Weights

Barbell Shrug

Important Note – Start Doing these exercises with light weights Means Very Light Weights

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